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Policies & Cancellations


All bookings can be done easily at your own convenience by clicking on any of the “Book” buttons throughout this site. There you will find a list of services, prices, and available dates/times.

When booking you will be asked for your credit card in order to proceed with booking. YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL AT THE TIME OF YOUR SERVICE. This is just to ensure that there is a card on file, should you not adhere to the cancellation policy, or show up for your designated appointment. You may pay in whichever form you would prefer at the completion of your service, including a different card than what you have on file.

Since popular times fill up quickly, we encourage you to book your appointments in advance to ensure you get the day and time you want. You are always welcome to change or reschedule appointments if necessary with adequate notice (please see the cancellation policy below for specifics).

When booking you will be asked to digitally review policies as well as fill out digital consultation forms. Please ensure you read through and understand all of the forms before signing, as they contain important information before/during, and after your appointment. Please do not sign unless you have thoroughly read each document.​

Late Arrival

If you are running late to your appointment, please contact me as soon as you know you may be delayed. While every effort will be made to accommodate you, it may not always be possible to do so. After 15 minutes I reserve the right to reschedule your appointment for a future date. If your appointment is not rescheduled and proceeds as planned, it may be shortened to accommodate the shorter time frame and keep the rest of the day and upcoming client appointments after yours running on schedule. Shortened services due to a late start will still be charged the full price of the service. If you are more than 15 minutes late and must be rescheduled, there will be a fee of 30% of the service (you must actually attempt to come to your appointment – this does not overshadow or replace the cancellation/no-show policy – in other words, if you do not show up at all because you would have been late, this will be considered a no-show)​

Cell Phones

In order to create an enjoyable environment for all guests in our establishment, we ask that you please keep your cell phone on vibrate and avoid the use of your speakerphone. It is understandable that you may need to have your phone on hand to keep in contact with work/childcare/family, please just try to be respectful and as quiet as possible. Please do not use the speakerphone, facetime, or watch videos/listen to music, or speak loudly when in common areas.​

Sick Clients

​​Please do not come to your appointment if you or someone you have been in contact with is exhibiting any signs of illness. If you are sick or have been in contact with someone that is sick, A Beautiful Blend reserves the right to ask that you reschedule your appointment. This includes but is not limited to Cold, Flu, Covid-19, Pink Eye, Rashes, Cold Sores, unhealed lesions, and parasites, such as lice. ​


​I completely understand that things come up and sometimes life can be unexpected and will always do my best to accommodate a change in plans/schedules and work with you. But please understand that I am a small business and when proper notice isn’t given when canceling/rescheduling, it can be difficult to fill your spot. While there is a waitlist of others that would love to come in, they will also need adequate notice to make accommodations with work/childcare and plan properly. Your understanding and cooperation with this cancellation policy are greatly appreciated.

  • No Charge if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given when needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment​

  • No call/No Show you will be charged 50% of the service to the card on file.​

  • Same day cancellation will be charged 25% of the service to the card on file.​

  • This cancellation fee will not be honored towards the cost of a later re-booking.​

  • It is the client's responsibility to rebook using the online booking system when needing to reschedule.

  • After 3 late cancellations, you will not be able to rebook.

  • After 2 no call/no shows, you will not be able to rebook.​


You are welcome to send me an Instagram DM or email me at any time. Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply.  

Please observe considerate and appropriate business hours when contacting me via telephone or text. In an effort to always be available to my clients I have provided many people with my personal cell phone number. Please do not call or text me at 4 am or 11 pm and try to observe considerate communication hours. I will respectfully do the same for you. I will only reply to business-related calls and messages during normal working hours and will not reply on holidays. Please limit calls/texts to 8 am-8 pm on weekdays. A healthy work/life balance is important for everyone and I truly appreciate your understanding.​

Gift Cards/Certificates

Gift cards/Gift Certificates must be present at the time of the service.

Lost or stolen gift certificates are non-replaceable and are the responsibility of the client.

Gift certificates may be transferred to another person if you chose to do so.

Gift cards/gift certificates do not have a cash value and are non-refundable.

Gift cards/gift certificates purchased for services may not be used towards retail instead – they may only be used toward services. Gift cards/gift certificates purchased for a monetary value may be used towards your choice of services or retail.​​​


A Beautiful Blend accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Venmo, or gift certificate.


For the safety and comfort of all clients and service providers, please do not bring guests with you to your appointment unless it has been cleared beforehand. Unfortunately, children are not allowed in the room during services or to remain unsupervised in the common areas. When stopping by to make a purchase of retail products, please ensure children are quiet and respectful, in an effort to not disturb other clients or service providers.

April 01, 2022

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